Thursday, May 22, 2008

Craft Quilt and Stitch Show in Perth

Mareene dropped off flyers for the Craft Quilt and Stitch Show in Perth 1-3 August at the Claremont Showgrounds. This is where we 'come out' and if you can read the fine print you can see we have 2 - yes 2 - (thanks Mareene) wonderful guests. Helen Cowans (and you can also see her lovely photo on the flyer) and Sarah Lawrence. Yes Sarah is coming back. Being the Wild Women Queen she will hopefully be bringing her collection including the ones in her book so I hope you are making lots of WWs to swap for the challenge. And Helen - aka Textile Goddess - will be showing her terrific skills and will be teaching her Flower Towers after the show. All the details should be on our website soon.

I went to a 3 hour embellisher workshop tonight thinking I might learn something new and exciting but I have to say it was truly awful and I got bored very quickly. I hope all the people waiting patiently with their embellishers polished and their excitement at the fore (they are still VERY chatty on the Yahoo list) will enjoy themselves and learn new stuff. Believe you me, I am a nuisance when bored - but at least I came home to a nice class of red and a meal cooked beautifully by Ian.

Lovely rain here still and may it last for a while longer.


Helen Cowans said...

Poster looks great.... just about to put in on my blog :)

Doreen G said...

You did learn something Dale----that you are the best when it comes to embellishers.

Elizabeth said...

Perth at night looks just like New York!
I had to laugh about you being bored at the workshop - it's happened to me though mostly I enjoy them.
Have a super weekend.


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