Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Val

Happy Birthday Val - I hope you are having a lovely day today - you would think I would be able to find lots of photos but this one is pretty good - no-one need know it was taken quite a few years ago (that's because you wrote the date on the back). Have a glass of champers tonight and we will have a toast to you - not that we didn't all last night! Plus you and Jim have a wonderful trip and come back with lots to tell us.

Slightly less under the pump today having worked through some of my urgent jobs. A shipment of new Victory threads arrived including the 5000 metre gold, silver and copper metallics. The latest Quilting Arts should have been here probably last Friday but the printer has once again valued the whole shipment at $4 and this of course slows everything down for days - who knows when they will arrive. Tomorrow I will tell you what we are up to tomorrow which will then be today

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artisbliss said...

Boy, I leave for a few days and all kinds of things happen on your blog.

I love your embellished sari ribbons. I have torn silk fabric to get just that ragged effect. It does embellish wonderfully.

Your Wild Woman is great, too, and I can easily tell the background is woven.


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