Friday, May 09, 2008

still dilemmed

Thanks for the comments on my dilemma - I have started stitching on the subtle side but I still rather like parts of the other side. I shall keep working away and make a decision as I go and then I will show you - I am also working on a few patterns as well.

Ian is back safe and sound - no artificial flowers on this trip. I think he is very impressed with my efficiency. I haven't managed to get him to load the Embellish Stitch and Enrich online workshop up on the website as yet but gee he can have a day off from that!

Val was asking what a slushy was - she thought it might have been a nice drink. it's a wonderful combo of fine merino wool and mulberry silk hand dyed for us. Lovely to spin, use in water soluble, to make silk type paper and of course the embellisher loves it. This is Indian Splendour which I using for my little magic carpet.

Off to watch the Hurricanes play the Force - go the 'Canes - you are my heroes......


Aussie Jo said...

I love the colours you're using, I'm not quite that brave yet. Looking forward to seeing what happens with all these fibres.

Penny said...

Glad Ian got back in one piece, i hope he made it to the party. Just love those colors.


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