Monday, May 12, 2008

After Sunday comes Monday

I hope all the mothers of the world had a great day yesterday whatever they were doing. I got flowers from Bruce and Kaz and a phone call from Amsterdam from Grant. Ian and I went to Fremantle after the lunch rush and had fish and chips in the boat harbour and a wander. Lovely weather - lovely relaxing day. In the morning we went for a walk to check out Grant's house - the kitchen stuff is in and

Here is a Splendiforous Magic Carpet - one of a new little series I have started. Embellisher and hand stitch and foil - I have finally finished my foil samples and sending them off to Yvonne today for an article in Machine Embroidery (and textile art).

After a long search I found a few photos of Grant and Jarrad sailing on Lake Garda where they won the Riva cup in the 14fts.

Maggie - thanks for the wonderful link to Barbara Siedlecka's blog
I love Barbara's work - she inspired me so much when I went to a talk she gave for OPUS when I was doing City and Guilds. Introduced me to the idea of paper pulp and stitch and her sketch books/travel books were to die for.


Unknown said...

hope you had a good MOthers day - ours in UK was on 2nd March - the day my mum had her brain Haemorrhage so it's a day I'll never forget!!
Love the work you are doing on the Embellisher Dale although I hate the machines myself!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Dale,

Love your Splendiforous Magic carpet wish I had an embellisher. Thank you for the link to Barbara Siedlecka's blog a wide variety fo ideas covered there.


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