Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Odds and Ends

I never realised just how heavy books are and how slow it is to cart an armful of books from my bookcase inside to my new bookcases in the studio. I feel like I have grown long arms and carted forever yet the bookcases are still looking bare and inside the house the pile has only shrunk a little. On top of that, Ian inspects to make sure I wipe my feet on the mat so as not walk any debris on the decking which is still a tiny bit sticky and I have stopped because I left residue on the studio floor which he has been busy removing. Such is life and woe is me...... but the bookcase which I will post a pic of once it is full, looks great - it's a modular affair very similar to the ones in Planet Books up the road in Mt Lawley.

Ian has posted a pic on the About Us of the decking all treated with its first coat - we could have dances on the floor. Here is it here as well.

Bruce has had a calender produced with some fabulous photos of sailing on the Perth waters - yachts from Perth Dinghy Club and Mounts Bay Sailing Club. If you are a sailing fan do go and have a look-see. Once you enter you have to scroll down. I am telling you this because neither of us in our dimness could find it.......
Western Sail is his sailing website and he takes great photos. He is doing the photography for my book.

Murphy's Law is when you go for your breast scan and drive around for ages looking for a park and finally succumb to a parking building and then when you arrive at the clinic you see three 1 hour parks right outside the door. You arrive inside all apologetic as you are now 2o minuutes late and have lost your place in the queue and the receptionist does not really welcome you with open arms. Afterwards, you spend another 20 minutes waving your car keys around with your finger on the beeper trying to find your car because you forgot to note which floor it was on.........

Just had a very exciting skype from Sara in Sweden and Mags in Wales. Isn't it amazing? and all free. Now I apparently have to have a camera and you all know how I hate having my photo taken.

Even Ian can see the light at the end of the tunnel now - only 1 invoice to do before I do tomorrow's orders all sitting there waiting for me but I am stopping now as we are off to our local - The Brisbane - for dinner.

Wow - I have just checked my stats and I am 4 visitors short of 20,000 since I started this in February. I do hope it's all been worth it for you......


Digitalgran said...

Congratulations on your 20,000th visitor Dale. It's abrilliant way to share and make friends and I enjoy checking in on you every day.
I have almost reached 30,000, it's incredible, plus another 5,ooo on my other blogs. That's an awful lot of people, so we must be careful what we say!

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

I do not have as many visitors as you do! However love to read your blog regularly. Have also just sorted out skype and have been talking to Sara and Mags. Suspect you are in bed now - so cannot chat to you now.

Maggie H


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