Monday, October 23, 2006

calling in some more from Pembrokeshire

Dale was lovely - in fact the coast all around St Brides quite magnificent - we had an incredible storm the other night - yesterday it rained all day but we went to Tenby and to a great medieval castle and the temperatures are pretty mild. Don't mind rain at all when you know you have a long hot summer coming up and we read about the droughts continuing in Aus - global warming is upon us even if most people deny it.

Today we are off to see lots of little bays - another Broadhaven. Like you say Margaret - even if the distances are not far you don't travel many miles - yesterday we did a record - 66 miles! We were planning to venture further but very happy in this neck of the woods.

Lots of pics when we get back - and even a new digital camera.

moo loo ole - cheeky wench Leanne - good to see you are home again - our time is nearly up sad to say but plenty to do when we get there. Maybe Qantas will remember how grateful we were for the upgrade and offer us another - ha ha

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Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

It sounds as though you are having a wonderful holiday and I think Wales would be my kind of countryside. Here in the ACT we actually had about 30 seconds of heavy rain during the night.

Cheers Helen


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