Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Having successfully made it onto the plane in plenty of time and had a good flight to Singapore - I am pleased to tell that we have got our upgrade from here to London which means we will get a good night's sleep and be all ready for action. Not much room for clothes in my suitcases after I packed the workshop stuff (managed to misplace my bag of scissors and glue and had to go to Officeworks - another place I am not fond of - to buy some more) - I have been very good and only brought a small kit of stitching and art goodies and only I will get tired wearing the same clothes. All that is left now is to hope that BAX Global have done the right thing - our boxes should be at Ally Pally waiting for us


Digitalgran said...

Lovely to know you will not be out of touch while you are away. i might see you in Ally Pally, but still not sure. Have a lovely time in Wales and I hope our weather is kind to you. Mags

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to hear from you in London, it's the one thing I miss about the UK - Ally Pally and the Stitching show. You must let us know how you manage that Quantas upgrade - do you pull strings?!?! Have a lovely time and enjoy the show!

Marjorie (Wellington NZ)


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