Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Things continue to be busy here. One lot of suitcases unpacked and stuff away and then several boxes packed and off to London for Ally Pally. The hardest part is deciding what to send and how much etc. but it is all gone now so too late to complain. I got this wonderful silk stuff - long fibres which I had to tear apart to package so I hope they like them. They will take dye really well - I stood outside with my scales and weighed and packed. I also found some wonderful sari ribbon and a sary twist where you can see the fabrics. Fabulous stuff. What I took to Geelong sold straight away so I got a whole lot more which arrived in time to be packed. When we get back I will get more and then it will be on the web. I have decided that the Fab Bits section will be having a revamp in November. We have a lot more repeatable hand dyed fabrics to go on - well they can't yet as they are in flight to KL then to London.....

The kitchen is looking a little clearer and I have been sorting all the parcels which came while I was away - lots of lovely hand dyed tissutex and mulberry bark. Mulberry bark is getting hard to find at present as there were floods in north Thailand so that may be all for a while when it has sold.

Grant flies in from Bali tonight - he has had a terrible time - his flight from the island he has been on was cancelled and it has involved many phone calls and internet checking etc and a loss of time and money. But finally a ticket to Perth - he is only here one night and then off to Sydney. He is going to be honoured to sleep in the studio.

I have given my Playways people a new challenge and exchange - a tassel and a tassel head. Just trying to find my own samples to post for them. Tomorrow I hope to get in the studio and to work along with more packaging etc. Never stops.

off to our local for dinner though. Last night we went to GoGos Indian - lovely food and after Geelong, very necessary......

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