Saturday, October 07, 2006

rugby and more

For those of you who thought my interest in the rugby stopped after the Tri Nations, not true. I have been following Wellington in the Air New Zealand Cup (see - I am a loyal Wellingtonian) and was thrilled this morning to see that they beat Canterbury in the quarter finals yesterday - I shall have my fingers crossed for the semis next weekend when I am in London. This is Conrad Smith scoring a try. He missed most of the season with injury and Ian is pleased to see him back playing.

Interesting visitors yesterday - a lady and her son who lived here before the guy we bought the house from. We enjoyed talking to them and seeing who had done what and when as we thought a lot of the work had been done by the guy before us. They told us how they dug out the cellar under our bedroom and Ian showed them down there. It is a wonderful space and does have a lot of wine. At one stage I tried tracking down the history of our house - built in 1895 - but I sort of got side tracked. Might start the process again.

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Ali Honey said...

You would have been so proud of Wellington, they played brilliantly. It was a great game to watch. Unfortunately our BOP team lost today, but they played well too, against Auckland.

Sorry about your friend.


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