Sunday, October 29, 2006

Home again

We came back to the sight of Jim working away in our back yard doing the decking around the studio. We weren't expecting him for a couple of weeks so that was pretty exciting. He is finishing it tomorrow and even though our price doesn't include the stain, he is going to do it with Ian's help so Ian is supposed to be working furiously today doing invoices in preparation for painting. We have a flood of orders here - I have done them all but Ian's pile is still enormous. Never fear though - they will all go out tomorrow. We arrived home with a delivery of books - Maggie and Val's new one and Sandra Meech's Creative Quilts. There are lots of them to go out. We also have 7 new books which we got in London. The titles are on the front of the book page in the catalogue and they will slowly go on the web (when Ian has finished the invoices....) I have come back with a few new goodies but more importantly, lots of new ideas - I am always creative like this when I am away. Worked on the writing side of the book you will all be pleased to hear (?). As soon as I get totally back to normal I will be up in the studio. I have found another punch which I am trying to track down - a fleur-de-lys - just what I need for my medieval stuff. It's not big - I will get Ian to take a pic of it.

Ally Pally was good - the exhibitions were, I think, the best ones yet - I didn't take any photos. I couldn't find the digital until after the show and then it played up on me at St David's Cathedral and I only got a few pics which I will load later. I took one of Ian in the cottage the morning we left and amazingly it chose to work again. Here it is but he wants me to take it off - however it is better than most of the ones I see of me.... You can see he is not impressed with taking a pic of him...

Really enjoyed catching up with many people in London - I am amazed so many people read my blog. If you keep on this way I will have had 20,000 visitors in 2 days since I started in February.

Other excitement is that the bookcases are being delivered tomorrow morning. All things happening here.


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Wow what excitements when you got home. The studio looks fantastic and you must be really eager to get working in it again.

Maggie H.

Anonymous said...

oh my !! Glad you're home - you know, I'm gonna have to work hard at getting some pieces SOLD so I can buy more goodies! of course I had to go look up Alison Holt - WOW!! And new Beaney & Littlejohn - how can I resist?!

Your studio look s FANTABULOUS, that deck is just right for an afternoon wine!

Jenny Bear said...

the decking just finishes everything off!1

Digitalgran said...

The decking is going to be so useful for you.
Great photo af Ian. My DH is getting used to having his taken now as I'm always testing on him.


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