Saturday, October 21, 2006

St David's and the rugby

St David's was fabulous - loved all the buildings and the surrounds and made Ian take lots of pics for me since the digital stopped operation after 5 photos.... the cathedral has a wonderful pink hue to it.

For all of you foodies - we recommend Morgan's in St Davids. Fabulous food - we had fish - and what's more - we are going again on Monday.

Naturally the rain dropped down when we were out on our walk on the beach this morning.

Sad to see that Wellington list but it looked like a good game and second is only one off first...

Off to visit Dale today - couldn't miss that!


Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

It sounds as though you will come back to Australia feeling very refreshed and healthy especially after all that fish and ready to contend with all those mail orders. Enjoy the remainder of your week.

Cheers Helen

Anonymous said...

So what was Dale like??? Sounds like a good 'time out' time. It's raining here in Nz too - Wellington is without power this morning (Mon) I believe...Lots of surface flooding in this part of the world - but not under my house, so am seriously hoping for continued dryness now!!
Enjoy whatever time you have left.

Leanne said...

Fabulous game....something for everyone....right down to hair fashionistas. Nobody could tell me when Lauaki got his corn braids tho' which I thought was remiss. Lots of tries, a few scraps and no naked women trying to fob of their old bikini's to Trade Me.
I knew I should have bought a few cowbells back from Lucerne...they would have come in handy!
Moo Loo Ole!!!!!!!!


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