Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sunday musings

Beautiful day in Perth and I have shocked us both by packing one of the suitcases for London. I always leave everything until the last minute but this morning I decided to see if all the stock stuff would fit into the big black suitcase (the one I had at 39kg last Sat after Geelong). Ian suggested getting up the next 2 suitcases but there is no need to be pushy on this one. I spent the rest of the day making a couple fo secret things for QA which I am not allowed to show so guess you will have to wait until December. I have yet to organise my London workshops though so I will be busy tomorrow. Washed everything I could find and read my book.

On Tuesday we had both boys here at once - Grant was only here for one night and now has gone to Sydney but we had a really nice night - sausage bbq - Ian special - and our nephew, Alistair, just happened to be here as well. Here is a pic of me and my 2 boys - not a good photo to see but there you go.


Penny said...

Nice photo Dale but perhaps you need to grow a bit more!
Oh I wish I was off with you, but after last week I am so tired I am wondering if I can manage America next year, if its the only way to have a class with you, of course I will.

Unknown said...

have a safe journey to London, good show and a great holiday. Helen

Jenny Bear said...

Have a great time and hurry back1


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