Monday, October 09, 2006

packing up to go anywhere

Prepacking a large black suitcase only sounds good because the next day you just get behind. Very busy today with lots of orders which means people really do read the notices on the website. Tomorrow will bring those who haven't. While packing is easy, I always have a tremendous problem gathering stuff needed for workshops and then stuff which I think I will need to use while I am away. When I wake in the morning I plan to be heavily disciplined and get the workshop stuff together quickly, gather my tools of thingies to take with me, rationalise my clothes and then do all the other tasks I have neglected today. The whole point is that once you actually get on the plane there is little else you can worry about. Ian seems to have this idea that one should be at the airport as soon as one wakes up. It is amazing that in our family one son is like him and the other like me. No guesses.

It is my intention to write on my blog while I am away - I have to check the emails every day so I might as well. No pics though as I am sure that will be impossible. After Ally Pally we will have 2 days in London (one night we have booked for Dirty Dancing) and then we are off to Wales for a week. And then home again. Never as much time as you think. Keep fingers crossed that we get our upgrade from Singapore to London for a good night's sleep. Bax Global seem to have everything under control so toes crossed that everything will be there on time this year.

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Helen from Canberra said...

I hope that all goes well at Ally Pally but more important I wish you both a very happy holiday.

Cheers Helen


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