Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Lots of lovely rain this morning so definitely no sign of the electrican - I reminded Ian today that I did say May for the studio finish and it's just about May now. Today Ian picked up the new chairs for our dining room - just the table to collect now. We were able to put the plastic chairs outside where they belong - we have been using them inside for at least 10 years when we sold the ones we had, in anticipation. Lovely chairs they are too. Can't wait to have them with the table in the dining room where we currently have our office. It's boring to keep saying, soon be there.

This is a photo of Janet De Boer courtesy of Mandy Ginsberg - Janet is the hard working slog of TAFTA and organises Fibre Forum at Orange and Geelong and other little excitements. Glenys Mann organised the Horsham Forum - Janet hadn't been before and thought she would check things out. I haven't seen her for over a year as we don't go to Orange and last year we didn't get to Geelong either. I missed her at Horsham though - I left for Melbourne on Thursday and I expect she arrived just after I left.

Today I managed to do some work with transfer paints on paper and fusible web. Picture doesn't show the colours that well. I haven't tried transfer paints on fusible web before - they give a strong colour. I have cut out my postcard shapes to start stitching. I do have a few things I must do quickly.......

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Helen from Canberra said...


I don't know that I was all that interested in transfer paints until I saw your photo. I particularly love the fusible web.

Cheers Helen


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