Friday, April 21, 2006

I am back

Just a quick call in - had a good time in Horsham but up to our ears in orders - that's what happens when the person who knows where everything is goes away for a few days. However I have finished all the orders and about to package them so my weekend will be free to enjoy the rugby and get to work on the many things I have lined up. I will report back later but I had a good chance to work on my digitizing and further plod through the Husqvarna programmes and do some stitching and knitting and hair pin lace for my art to wear and start working on a piece for an exhibition in Germany and read a book so I am feeling quite sanctimonious.

In the meantime I haven't had a chance to watch last week's rugby game Hurricanes versus Highlanders but I phoned Ian immediately I thought it was finished to get the good oil and I have the video at the ready - here is a wonderful photo of Tana Umaga scoring the first try. Tonight we are going to watch the poor old Force play the Crusaders and I think it will be a big walk over. Never mind - tomorrow we will enjoy the Hurricanes play the Brumbies.

Got back to see that the door handles are on but the electrician has not been seen. Very little to do now in the studio but enjoy the door handles - there was a saga involved as there is with everything! So at least we can truly say it is at lock up.

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Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

Welcome back. How about that "Force" game last night. I think it took everyone by surprise especially the Crusaders. However tonight is another story and much as I hate to say it I think it will be a Hurricanes victory.

Cheers Helen


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