Thursday, April 06, 2006


This is Lake Gunn on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Isn't it a wonderful and serene picture - the shades of blue are rather incredible (on my 'puter anyway). You couldn't do better if you folded paper and did cut outs.

This morning the electricians arrived. They have installed most of the light fittings and one which shines up through the two eucalyptus trees. Back on Monday to finish off and turn the switch on so we are nearly there. I decided to leave dollie down at our lockup today - she can be the guardian angel tomorrow.

I have been playing more with the hairpin lace tool - the one I showed the other day is a plastic Clover one but the ones my mother has given me are metal and bigger so I can have different sizes. Working with a lurex thread right now. Post picture when finished.

Lots of parcels arrived today - that's one good thing about this business - you get to open everything up and hopefully try some. Playing with Translucent Liquid Sculpey - once I found you could iron it I became very interested. Someone told me today that you can half set it on paper and then work into it. Lots of possibilities. I have also got some of the Style Stones in - not sure what I am going to do with these yet - I like the Hand ones. They don't have holes in them but I am sure they could be attached and used as a stamp for Delight or similar. Also got a new order of KraftyLady moulds. The funky letters are rather fun so I might play with them. As if I haven't enough to do. Have done only 10 twin needle rows today which is better than none but I broke a needle. Trying to hurry.

Off to sit outside and admire the garden and enjoy a curry and some champagne. And yes - I did receive an enormous bag of lolly wrappers last night - Martine assures me that Luigi has been eating the chocs for me. I will have to dream up something to use them for. I have so many.


Zaz said...

the studio looks fabulous .........dont blame you sitting an looking (like the idea of curry and shampers too ;.))

great article in CPS - Dale!

stones??? not what on earth are they?


Helen from Canberra said...

Dale, I love that photo of Lake Gunn it looks so peaceful. I am sure that your lolly dollie will be so proud to be guardian angel of your new studio. I guess by now that Luigi's waistline is increasing in size. Would love to get among some of those parcels

Cheers Helen

Dorothy Gibbs said...

It's all your fault I started a Blog yesterday as this site wouldn't let me post a comment un;ess I did! Then I forgot to come back and do it!.
Loved the picture on today's entry. Such a calm looking spot and like a mirror. I am very envious of your studio too... lucky girl!


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