Saturday, April 29, 2006


well first the rugby because you can't ignore this! The poor Force drew again in South Africa after leading for so long. They just must break through soon. But more importantly - sorry Alison - my beloved Hurricanes won and at the moment are safely in third place.

Even more importantly the electrician came this morning and dug trenches and fed some cables in trenches he dug and on the roof and promised us he would be back on Wednesday to finish off. We were so shocked to see him it was almost exciting....

I have managed to digitise some little letters for my downunder postcards and these are my pic. The background is the fusible webbing paper left over. Quite a few people have emailed me about using transfer paints on fusible webbing. It is not my idea - I read it somewhere. Paint the sticky side having sprayed it with water first and when dry, iron onto polycotton is what I did. I have been surprised by the strong colours I have been getting. Of course it adds an interesting texture to your work as fusible webbing does. I have also been painting shiny magazine pages (about Perth) with Brushos and I will spray them with Glitz Spritz tomorrow. Hope to start putting it all together tomorrow.

Tonight, because we are late after watching 2 rugby games, we are going to pop out for dinner.


Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

The Brumbies also had a good win last night. I was really sorry that the Force didn't win just couldn't believe that they could have 2 draws in a row.

Cheers Helen

Ali Honey said...

For about 30 mins we( Chiefs ) looked like we meant business but the rest of the time, no way! Well done Hurricanes. Thank goodness "The Magic," won their first netball game in the National Bank Cup.( beat Southern Sting ) I am much more passionate about that, having been a netballer. You may have heard me yelling from over there. Cheers Alison.


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