Saturday, April 15, 2006

mini rugby report

Dare I say it - the poor Force lost last night against the Auckland Blues and in keeping with their terrible bad luck, they lost another man to injury. Looks like we, the faithful public, will have to start volunterring to play for them soon.

I am supposed to be packing for Fibre Forum in Horsham but it is boring packing so thought I would stop for a little break. I shall miss my beloved Hurricanes game tomorrow as I will be on an airplane to Melbourne and then I have to drive 3 hours back towards Western Australia to get to Horsham. I am relying on the lovely Jaslyn to video the game for me.

I am wondering what will happen in the studio by the time I get back on Thursday. The door hinges were changed on Thursday but the handles needed a different tradie..... bit more paint to finish, paving, sink - can't be far away. I am itching to get working inside. Yesterday I sat outside and made a pile of samples using Shiva paintstiks for the article I am writing for Machine Embroidery and Textile Art magazine - I think it's really important to write the textile art part as they seem to often overlook that side of things.

I have begun stitching Wild Side for my round robin so will post it later if I finish it before I go. Plus I am on the home stretch with the twin-needling - and the newsletter should start going out today.

See you all after Thursday!


Helen said...

Dale, I am intrigued by your affection for Wellington and our beloved Hurricanes! I am happy to have found you in blogville.
Helen the pixie in Wgtn.

Downunderdale said...

well Pixie - I am a Foxton girl who has been on holiday in Perth for much too long. How could I not support the beloved Hurricanes.... just about to spare some time to watch last week's game


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