Sunday, April 09, 2006

Loopy Lace

This is the piece I made for a round robin I am in which Margaret R - digital gran - is also in. Only I am so far behind and not nearly as clever as Mags. This one I have digitised letters from a font called Redemption. Digitised in Generations - thought I would try the cross stitch fill this time. The top layer is made of decorative stitches worked on Romeo. I like playing with letters and should develop it more.

Went down the road to Tarts for breakfast this morning - very pleasant. Good weather in Perth at this time of the year. Back to the twin needling now.


Christine said...

Love the "loopy lace" Dale. What sort of round robin is this for?

Digitalgran said...

Ooh Dale, you have been saying nice things about me! Thanks.
Your Loopy lace looks lovely. I haven't done any crosstitch on my machine ever.


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