Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday thingies

Not a sighting of an electrician or an architect today - I think that when these people do turn up one should make them stay until they have finished the job. So won't get to see all the lights on today. I have spent most of the day printing pages for the latest kit I have finally got ready - Illuminated Manuscripts. Takes ages to package everything and soak the tissutex and print the pages. I am doing a variety of different pages so I don't get bored. The above picture is one of the manuscript pages I have here - it comes from a book on medieval music which I won at primary school. Should never throw anything out.

I am well over half way with the twin needling though. However my list of things to do never goes down - I seem to keep adding to it. I have been writing an article on using Shiva Paintstiks for the Aust Machine Embroidery and Textile Art magazine to try to help the textile art part along. Not a project but I am going to make some tiny cushions so that it manages to fit the embroidery format. Simple information is not allowed to be enough it would seem.

Loopy Lace - the round robin is for the Aust branch of the UK Computer Textile Design Group (link on our website) - designbitesdownunder. My contributions have been sparse which means I have a lot to catch up. I keep reverting to letters it would seem. My journal is Hundertwasser and looking at the contributions on the website it is looking very nice indeed.


Helen from Canberra said...

Dale, I have learnt from recent experience never expect electricians to turn up when they say they will. Love that "Monday Thingies" picture.

Cheers Helen

Helen Suzanne said...

Hi Dale, was just having a look at your web pics and love the "relic" series you've done. They are scrumptious. good luck with getting the electrical stuff finished!


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