Saturday, April 01, 2006

traumatic times

After all the trauma of the past couple of days thought I would show you a banskia from our front garden. The garden out there has been a bit shambolic for some time but few years back I planted some little gems which have been quietly growing away and once the surrounding stuff was cleared out popped a lovely banksia tree with room to breathe. I read that they are very good this year - the colour has been lovely to see out of our bedroom window.

Ian spent 4 hours at least yesterday reloading our website - just as well he does a backup and has total control of the website. Our server, Eftel, had some drama (we believe caused by someone who forgot about daylight savings and switched off for maintenance on the wrong hour and caused them to lose all their data). So the site is finally functioning but looking through the graphics, we have seen some strange colours so they all need reloading. Many many thanks to all of you wonderful people who emailed us - it certainly caused an upset to our day (or two). We know we lost lots of emails and are hoping Eftel will find them somewhere - even the spam stopped for a while.

Last night The Force got so close in the rugby but just couldn't do it - 26-25 to the Stormers. Now they are off to play away from home so that might be their best for this season. They are on the scoreboard though with 1 bonus point. Can only go upwards and onwards.

This afternoon my beloved Hurricanes lost to the Crusaders (I think Ian is back with them now but he didn't gloat). However I can suffer a little defeat - next week.....


Gill said...

Dale, it's good to see your smile has returned to your blog. We missed you!

Digitalgran said...

That banskia tree is lovely. I'd never seen one before.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Errrr...this is probably not a good time to mention that I was recently living in Crusaders territory. Hope the server problems are all under control now.

Helen from Canberra said...

Dale, Believe me I never miss yur blogs but thought I'd give you a rest from my babblings for a couple of days. I was sad to see that the Hurricanes were beaten especially by the Crusaders but wasn't the Force game exciting. I just hope that the Brumbies don't have to play any Kiwi teams for a while.

Cheers Helen

PS Just love those Banksias!!


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