Saturday, April 08, 2006

rugby report

Well the Force lost to the Highlanders when they were ahead - maybe next week will be their week. They do have 2 points on the scoreboard though as they have had 2 bonus points now. The top pic is of Cameron Shepherd who played a great game. My beloved Hurricanes have a bye this week.

I have been working on a round robin piece today and I will post it tomorrow - just waiting for the lace to dry. My Luigi Lolly is being one guardian angel in the studio - I will pop the other one in tomorrow. I managed to sew right through my nail today - in a hurry - lots of blood - teach me to hurry.


Gill said...


Digitalgran said...

Ouch, indeed. Went on a course with Diane Bates last year and 5 minutes into the course I had stitched through my finger. Blood all over. But it did not stop me enjoying the weekend through the pain. Poor Dale, I do sympathise.


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