Sunday, April 23, 2006

sunday report

After a busy rugby weekend and catching up on all the orders and reordering and unpacking the parcels which came in my absence, I am just about ready to start some of my own work. Here is a lovely eucalyptus tree which is growing in our garden and actually hangs over the footpath outside the fence. Someone at Horsham went out for a drive and came back with flowers and pods from the same tree - I am pretty sure it is a native West Australian eucalypt, but I am not very technical on these matters. It is delightful though as it has wonderful yellow flowers which break out very rich red poddy things. The tree has lovely big pods too. Another thing about this tree is that it has a wonderful scent especially at this time of the year - not what you would call Autumn but the best thing we have. Even better scent after the rain.

Horsham Fibre Forum - a lovely few days - I got an upgrade car I think - very spacious and powerful with a hand brake which is actually a foot brake - I had to get the manual out to find out where it was and how to use it. Horsham is a great little forum - not too big and very friendly and relaxed. I went last year and enjoyed it. Just with my 3 full suitcases of goodies I thought people might like. Horsham is about 3 hours drive from Melbourne going west on the way back to Western Australia. The forum was actually at Longerenong College about 12 kms out of Horsham. It is not my sort of landscape - very flat and parched. I think I have become a city girl. There were about 90 participants and a great variety of classes for the week and lots of fun. I only stayed until Thursday as I had to get back to go watch the rugby of course. The tutors included Sandra Meech (Make your Mark), Alexander Pilin (Felting the Matrix), Gwen Egg (Fibre Plus), Kirry Toose (Bustiers and Beyond) to name a few. Being a trader means you can sometimes quietly creep into a few classes which I was lucky enough to do - going to forums always sparks the creativity bells. The food was super and after an inital hiccup (like someone else asleep in my allotted bedroom) I had a nice quiet room where I propped the window up with the rubbish bin. Managed a walk each day and also worked on a few things like trying to master a little more of Generations and Husqvarna programmes. Every little bit helps. I also did some knitting, crocheting and stitching for my art to wear. The pic is of my hairpin lace bits for the bodice. Worked with lurex thread, gimp and torn fabric. I also enjoyed catching up with friends - wouldn't I rather live in Melbourne - but not right now with my new studio very very soon. Maybe the electrician will come tomorrow and finish off.

Anyway being there has given me necessary ideas for a piece I am sending off to Germany on the downunder theme.


Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale

I just adore your Eucalypt. I have a real penchant for Eucalypts and try to embrace them in my quilts wherever possible. If I can't actually applique it on the quilt then I incorporate some small gum leaves and gumnuts somewhere in the quilting. For your sake I am sorry that the Hurricanes lost but it's real hard to be sorry whenI was so excited about the Brumbies winning.

Cheers Helen

Helen said...

I am intrigued by your love of Wgtn and the Hurricanes. All Hurricane fans in this house too of course. Beautiful colours in your lace.

another Helen (Pixie) from Wellington


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