Friday, April 28, 2006

opening parcels

I have just opened and packaged a fabulous parcel of metal papers/sheets? from Etal. I love metallic papers in whatever form and these have been a special find. I am planning to use some part in my downunder postcards - nothing to show you yet but I am gathering bits and pieces. The pic is of the scrappy bag - got a few of these too to see what they look like. Digitizing little letters today -the one thing about the embroidery machine is that it can sort of work by itself once it's set up. That is until it decides it needs attention and misbehaves....

Also finally got punch tools in from Germany - I have been waiting so long for these - fabulous for journals and stuff and they have 6 different tips. It's always nice when things turn up and oh so frustrating when they don't - like the Inkjetset which seems to have gone by sea - I have only got a little left myself and I need to soak tissutex in it today to print out some downunder writings I have done.

Had my hair re-fuschied yesterday and I got Ian to take my pic but it looks as bad as the one already here so won't bother. The bottom line is that I am not photogenic. Maybe I will find the one from when I was cute with my Shirley Temple ringlets and wearing my hand knitted dress.

I am not even going to mention the fact that the elctrician has STILL not reappeared. One week would finish everything off. I see from looking at the About Us on our website that Ian is frustrated too!

Tonight while we sleep the Force play the Cats for the wooden spoon. I hope they win after their wonderful game last week. Tomorrow my beloved Hurricanes play the Waikato Moo Loos - fingers crossed....

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Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

I also received a parcel of goodies today, my last order from The Thread Studio and what a gorgeous little bundle it is. I especially love those beautiful, beautiful Madiera Supertwists. I am now able to finish off my wallhanging which I have been working on since early New Year and then I can start on Module 3.

Cheers Helen


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