Thursday, December 09, 2010

Thursday Stuff

Still playing with puff paint and stuff - here I have been working black puff through a stencil - one of my favourite stencils over a hand dyed piece of fabric in shades of purples - once heated I rubbed magical mica over the puff. Very easy to stitch but I wold layer with a chiffon scarf as it makes it easier for stitching and then burn it back with my heat gun.

While I was tidying up (!), I found this little Tuscan house I made a few years ago when I was into my Tuscan stuff - the walls of the house have lazertraned images on metal which you can't see very easily and the puff scraped on with a plastic knife and fork (thanks Qantas) and once heated I painted all over with a pearl paint. I made the tiles of the roof with painted Gossamer Fuse bonded to cream panne velvet, cut and rolled and zapped and then rolled so that they looked a bit like the rooves we saw in Tuscany.

Pleased to report that the tomato plant is growing and flowers are forming. This could be the year I finally get real tomatoes.  All three waterlilies are floating with leaves and hopefully flowers will follow before too long.

If you have enrolled in Hot Textiles - Cool Stitches (thank you all very much) I will be in touch tomorrow with such serious matters as a requirement list etc.


Heather said...

I love your swirly stencil pattern and the colours you worked in. The little Tuscan house is great and so clever. Home grown tomatoes - yum - they must be happy if they have flowers.

Spiral Dyed Downunder said...

I love that! Of course, if you stopped selling dyed flimsies I play in my studio too. Oh well, back to the shed. Your new colourway Madrid is in the works today. I'm not sooking, really......


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