Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

Okay - just one more sleep to 2011. What are we all doing for New Year's Eve? We will be drinking champagne here because Ian is sure we have finally had a win after nearly 3 years - the Town of Vincent have had a noise testing machine here this morning and even they thought we may have been suffering for rather too long with the air con (yes still on hot and running 24/7) next door. You can even hear it when you are in the shower. The tenant has disappeared leaving all the doors and windows open. When I paid our electricity bill today I did wonder what theirs will be like..... painful.

It's hot and going to be hotter - talking 40. Hiding indoors will be the answer and hoping the sea breeze (the Doctor) arrives in time for our bbqs.

This little gem is a bit of sampling for my hot Needles Cool Stitches workshop which is all falling into place nicely. I shall be emailing all students who have enrolled already, in the next day or two. Just tarting up my portal for us to use.

If you are on facebookdo go our page and click on like - I will be offering various giveaways throughout January.

Have a great night and see you all in 2011.....


Heather said...

Love the colours and soft textures of this new piece Dale. Have a great evening and good luck with the battle of the air-con! See you next year!

DIAN said...

Happy New Year

Spiral Dyed Downunder said...

Nom nom nom, that's what the teenager would say about your piece, and I think the perfect comment. Nom nom.


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