Tuesday, December 21, 2010

look at this yarn

When we were in Spain I found this wonderful yarn called Triana. The shipment finally rocked up today. I wanted to share it! One ball will make a scarf (we have a free pdf on the website in Exotic yarns) but I am more interested in the way it opens out and I can't wait to try it - I think the embellisher may like it - think of layers and stuff - ooohh... There are 11  different colours including black and a cream but these two look like where I am still at.

My soul cloth is coming along nicely - I am also thinking of it all as slow coth but I need to learn the meaning of the word 'slow'. Once I have this first one finished or sort of finished (not yet sure how I will finish it) I have ideas for using the process in other ways.

The rain only lasted one day and all is back to 'normal' again. Shame.


Penny said...

Oh I do like the look of that, better see if I can afford it!

Heather said...

That yarn looks fantastic Dale, (not that I need any more yarn) but I've never seen any quite like that. Enjoy your 'slow' stitching.

Robin Mac said...

You can have all the rain which is forecast for here over the next few days - we are sick of it, and the forecast is for up to 400 - 500 mm over the next 4 days.....ugh! That yarn is fascinating, and such gorgeous colours. cheers, Robin

Doreen G said...

Get thee behind me Satan-I don't need any more yarn--but it is nice isn't it.

liniecat said...

Oddly enough I bought several balls in spain during the summer of a narrower 'net' yarn. Then went to the Knitting & Stitches Show at Harrogate here in Uk and bought some of that same wider 'net' yarn that you have there.
I thought it might catch in embellishing, though was going to try it, when I get round to it. But thought it would weave nicely with fabric/voile strips and then embellish down nicely.
Like your soul cloth very much!


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