Tuesday, December 21, 2010

soul cloth started

Working on my soul cloth whilst watching Leonard Cohen dvd On The Road. Since we hardly ever watch dvds, Ian had to find batteries and remember how to get it going. I have been weaving a variety of hand dyed  fabics - differentsilks and velvet.It is lovely just to stitch - relaxing stuff. Not sure what's next as I am working without a sketch just as I feel.

We had lots of rain yesterday which the garden enjoyed. The first waterlily is raring to go and you can all the leaves which are droppingoff the trees - it's been quite windy and we had a little whirlwind of some sort. It's predicted to be 38 on Christmas Day - second hottest of something. Not quite like  my friends in the northern hemisphere - I hope you are all surviving the snow and being locked in etc.

In the centre of the waterlily, the first flower is poking its head up - last year it flowered on 31st Dec - I think this one might open tomorrow - I shall be checking. The sad thing about my i-phone is not that I have over 4000 contacts yet again (I shall not bother to try to remove them this time) but I lost all my photos - about 200 - hopefully I had moved most off to the computer - I shall do this methodically from now on. My new main computer is great although I am hoping when Ian takes it back this morning that I get my favourite fonts and bookmarks and archives back. Other than that I am cooking with gas......

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Penny said...

Must get a water lily ion a pot. Your slow cloth looks great, I am playing with Jude's Christmas hanging and having fun. Relaxing on the Island, sort of! Wonderful scenery this year after such a wet winter.


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