Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thursday back home

We arrived home last night to the usual chaos of the post office getting things wrong. This time they  didn't deliver the letters (they came today) but somehow they are pretending that mail does not include parcels.... so we have a letterbox full of small parcels and notices to collect others too big to fit inside. Not to mention quite a few other parcels which Ian had to go get today. Amongst all the parcels are the latest Quilting Arts and Embellish magazines which we will post out tomorrow. We also got lots more of the Oliver Twist felt trios - that was a wonderful box to open up. Plus a couple of large boxes full of Moonglow products including new colours - I will have to investigate them tomorrow. And after all this time of fretting about their loss, the Au Papillion metallic threads are back again. We haven't got Copper yet but that will be here in the new year. I love these threads for hand and machine stitching.

We had a super trip to NZ - thank you for all the lovely emails and notes which we really appreciated. We were glad we were able to be in Reefton, not just to check up on Max but also to give some support to Barb, Brian and Aunty Shirley. Barb and Brian are the only people who have found us in NZ when we have tried to travel there in cognito one year for our wedding anni and we had a great time together. The people from the West Coast have been very supporting of each other and we also caught up with a few other people as well. We stayed at Lake Rotoiti on the way back (bellbirds to wake us up in the morning) - the weather was so hot and we got sunburnt and sandfly bitten. We flew from Blenheim to Wellington - only took 15 mintues - eat your heart out ferry for next time.

Spent a glorious day exploring Wellington and this is from the wooden bridge - I love the way that Wellington has developed its water area. A long time ago it was very working boats and stuff and I only ever went to the wharf area when I caught the overnight ferry  to Christchurch. (until the ill-fated Wahine day)

We went to Le Canard where we have been before - a really great French restaurant in Thorndon.

 These are the profiteroles which Ian had last time but this time Annette chose them and gave him one anyway.

We had a fast flight home - only 6 hours. I have nearly finished writing my part of the newsletter so it should be out tomorrow. There are so many things still to get to the web but that will happen soon. I even managed to do a tiny bit of stitching while I was away as well. BBQ tonight after we have swept up all the bark.


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dear Dale
Phew I'm feeling tired just trying to keep up!!
Those gorgeous little snail profiteroles - did they taste as good as they look??
I haven't been to Wellington for yonks but everyone says it's great.
Please come and visit my blog, I've done another tribute to the poor miners.

Heather said...

How lovely to have those parcels of gorgeous goodies to open, but then you have the work of sorting and packaging of course. Profiteroles - yum! They look so elegant made to look like swans.


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