Thursday, December 16, 2010

More on the pav and ice-cream

Somehow I lost the rest of that posting where I actually gave you the recipes for my gems so here we go again..... I am still learning about posting on my iPad.......

I have had a number of requests for the two recipes which I will write below but you must remember that they belong to Des Britten who I do believe is still going strong in Wellington. First though, this pav is a Kiwi one so if you are an Aussie reeling from the news that for once and for all, the pav is really NZ, then this may not be the recipe for you - be warned......

4 egg whites
2 & half cups castor sugar
1 & half tsp cornflour
Pinch salt
1 & half tsp vinegar
1 tsp vanilla

Separate the eggs (keep the yolks for the ice-cream). Beat them until they form soft peaks and gradually beat in the sugar until it has all dissolved. Use a spatula to carefully fold in the cornflour and salt and then the vinegar and vanilla. Line your tray with baking parchment (you will have to retrieve it from your studio) and carefully load the mixture (the important thing is to keep it light and fluffy). Cook in oven at 170 degrees (the oven I have these days is more powerful so I set it at 160) for 1 and half hours.

Top it with whipped cream, strawberries, kiwifruit and passionfruit or whatever you will.

2 cups castor sugar
4egg yolks (told you)
4 cups cream a day old
Quarterr cup grand marnier or cointreau or whatever you like

Beat eggs and half the sugar until thick and sugar has melted and then beat in the liqueur
In another bowl beat the cream and the other half of the sugar.
Blend the two together and freeze

Enjoy but make sure you go for a walk after dinner


Sheep Rustler said...

I never care who invented it, I just love eating it!~!!

Doreen G said...

Nah that's the Aussie recipe I used to make that one when I first got married nearly fifty years ago.
:-)) :-))

Robin Mac said...

How old is that ice cream recipe? Who gets cream a day old these days - it all comes from the supermarket shelves!!!!! Will tast yummy anyway. Cheers
PS The word everification is fitesse - a bit hard if you have eaten all that food I reckon

ElizH said...

Hi Dale. Revd Des Britten is definitely still going strong. He is the Anglican City Missioner for Wellington these days.

Judy said...

Hi Dale,

How bout that you have my recipe and I'm not a Kiwi, I've been using it for near fifty years and I cant remember but think my Mum also used it anyway make a bloody good Pav.

Heather said...

Both recipes sound delicious whoever made them first. Thanks for sharing them with us. I'll skip the icecream until summer though - we are promised more freezing weather this weekend.


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