Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Soul Cloth

This is one of my favourite books which Kaz and Bruce sent me - Boro - the cloth from the Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan (not as far north as Kaz and Bruce though) - an area synonymous with dire poverty. The Textiles created were but mere 'rags' and of course these days they would be highly desirable. It gets one thinking about the soul and things that matter and mean something to you.

This is a coat from the book - not so clear but it is the idea I am thinking about - things to feed the soul.

and a detail of another piece - maybe frayed fabrics or fabrics left out in the weather or wrapped or torn or whatever. Lots of food for thought and something I plan to work on in the next year or so.

Grant is in Perth for 24 hours and is off to Sydney tonight so our Christmas dinner no 1 is currently cooing in the oven, Here's the pavlova (NZ recipe) all ready to go in the oven this morning.

It's now cooked and waiting for its toppings of cream, kiwifruit and strawberries to go with our Des Britten icecream - that's after our roast lamb and roast potatoes, kumeras and parsnips - plus peas with mint sauce. Very trad we are but some prawns first with champagne.

Just to finish the day, here is the pav all decorated and ready to eat -I have been making this recipe since about 1970


Rae said...

Hi Dale
I am just completing a course with Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth that fits exactly with your Boro thoughts for next year. It really has made me look at old worn fabric in a different way. What with weaving,stitching it onto base fabric & then further embellishing, it becomes something new & beautiful again. Rae

Doreen G said...

That looks like an Australian Pavlova to me Dale :))

Robin Mac said...

Funny, but when we were in NZ recently, there was an article on the news saying there was definite proof (?) that the recipe originated in Kiwi land!!! Still tastes good wherever from. Cheers, Robin

Heather said...

There is something very appealing about old and worn textiles and the ones in your book have all those lovely sombre colours that you like to work with. Your Christmas banquet Mark 1 looks delicious - there's nothing to beat an old and trusted recipe. Have a great time.

Penny said...

Is the Boro book in English? It seems to be all the rage at the moment and even I have cut up an old silk kimono to re use (but not put back as a kimono, the way they are made is incredible)
Love the pav.
I have been baking today and obviously my knee doesnt like it, so it is back to sitting with it up, then remember something else to do,etc etc, cant be doing it any good!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous work!! And the pavlova is making me hungry!

Just called in to say Hi. I've just moved to Perth (Canning Vale) and am starting to look around for crafty things to do, places to visit, people to meet, and of course local crafty bloggers... just need to get mine back up and running now!!

Have a great Christmas x

Edwina Sutherland said...

That sounds like a book worth reading. A great way to use or abuse scraps.

Unknown said...

The work is brilliant, but the food, Dale, is to die for.
Roasted parsnips with lamb? When I was living in the US I craved that SO much

carole brungar said...

You just can't beat a good pav! I will try the ice cream recipe, sounds easy enough! Thanks Dale


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