Tuesday, December 28, 2010

eye candy

Here is my latest bit of ironing - this hank of sari ribbon only took 1 hour but it was very hot at 9pm in the studio last night even with the air con on  and I did iron fast to get away. You will be wondering about these colours and I am too - way out of my colour zone - sort of Rose Quartz and Vanilla Beans rolled into one. Take note Jacinta. I am planning a long piece of slow cloth - one which might take me quite a while and I will need clean hands to work on it. I need to start gathering threads for hand stitching but I do have serious ideas for what I do with it so watch this space - later rather than sooner. This colour is a sample which I have - I have been waiting patiently for my order of sair ribbon  placed at the end of October - there has been a major accident in the factory but today I got an email saying all was well and back to work tomorrow so hopefully it won't be long until everything is here. It is always so frustrating waiting.

I spent the morning creating and packaging our new Little Yarn Bitz Bags - 10 different themes with 200 grams of different yarns in each. Each is unique because while I have plenty of some yarns, others are from my big basket of treasures and once gone never seen again. Ian was so impressed with my work that he loaded them onto the web straight away. He spent all of Boxing Day adding a new colour chart for all of the Starburst Sprays which looks great.

Tonight we are off to the movies at last - to The King's Speech - looking forward to it. Grant is back in Sydney looking forward to working on and sailing his 18ft skiff and going kite surfing. Much better idea. He did say it wasn't as dramatic as reported although lots of the crew were sea sick.


Heather said...

Lovely delicate colours in that sari ribbon and the Bitz Bag is fantastic - great idea, as often we only need short lengths of yarn. Glad Grant is unscathed - never take any notice of the press! Enjoy The King's Speech - it sounds like a good film. I remember hearing him on the radio as a child and we'd all be willing him to get through without too much difficulty - poor man, what a struggle for him on top of everything else. He fulfilled a role he never wanted so well.

Julie said...

The sari silk is a beautiful delicate colour. I'm glad Grant is safe :)


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