Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

We are up bright and early - well not really - we had a sleep in. It is very windy here in Perth but also very hot already. 40 degrees yesterday so we had a quiet relaxing day at home indoors. - I only went from house to studio and back again. Packed up my machine and bought out my Orchidea which I dusted and cleaned and turned on.It stills works very well. It is funny how you get used to something new and what was exceptionally modern is now quite outdated - but still good.

As you can see, I have cut up some of the sari fabric and restitched - about the size of a cushion. I decided to use my Indian Splendour embroiderythread - what could be more appropriate?

Yesterday my waterlily showed its face - today it has been joined by another one but they are still sleepy and not awake yet - and there are 2 more making their wayt ot the surface. I do love them

We are waiting for the start of the Sydney to Hobart and hoping that Grant has a great sail and that they arrive in Hobart safely.


Gill said...

Good luck YuZoo - we are watching the race as I write - hope they all pull through the windy conditions. We have now relocated from hot WA (I do not envy your 40 degrees)to Tassy - Meander in January, so anyone in that area let me know!! Love the sari stitching.

Doreen G said...

My prayers are with Grant for a safe trip Dale.

Robin Mac said...

Sari stitching looks good, hope YuuZoo does well. Don't envy you your 40 degree heat - we are still getting rain! Cheers, Robin

Heather said...

I've prepared our lunch and some of tonight's family get-together and am having a quick blog hop to see what's going on. I love your sari-strip piece - the colours are glorious. The waterlilies are so pretty. It is still very cold here and the snow has hung around for ages - a sign of more to come I think. I'll swap you for some warmth! Best of luck to Grant.


Lovely photos
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Carolyn x

liniecat said...

Best wishes to Grant and his team, what an adventure to be a part of, and for you two as part of the back up the cheering crew!
I love what youve done with the sari silks. I bought a roll at a recent show and had been stewing over what to do with them and youve inspired me! Hope you wont mind if I do a similar thing, but handstitched and cut n placed crosswisewhich ways lol Though Im not looking forwards to the ironing bit ~ 2 hours? really? Lifes too short for ironing as it is!
My best mate lives in Perth in Carine, is that anywheres near to you? Infact think she may be buying me some mags for me, from you, to bring through to me in jan/feb when shes next over to experience the Uks definitive chilly weather !
Trust me, our winds here are icy as anything! Hope yours takes the edge off the heat for you at least!

Julie said...

The sari silk looks great! And your lily is so beautiful. I hope the weather is better than expected for the race.


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