Friday, October 01, 2010

Welcome to October

Welcome to October - this is the month we go to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in London - the bestest show ever - just 4 more sleeps with loads to do before we hop on the plane. I just love this show - not only do I get to catch up with friends and customers but I get to see the most fabulous exhibitions and of course be on the lookout for anything new and exciting. This is the 11th year we have been exhibitors at this show - and to think we were only going to go to have  a look. Thanks to Lyn we took a stand and now wouldn't miss it for the world. We take lots of wonderful goodies from down under and I spend a lot of time looking for new and exciting things to take with us. This year Ian will be on the plane very relaxed knowing that our on ahead boxes are safely under Wayne's care in Brighton having a holiday while they wait for us to arrive on Wednesday morning.

We are very excited with the response to the Creative Versa Tool so far and many of the orders have gone to our fabulous newsletter readers who got the special early... I have written my part of the newsletter and if it doesn't go our tonight it will tomorrow. We will be posting out orders up to lunchtime on Tuesday so no drama until then. Right now Ian is putting in new reticulation and fixing sprinklers because we anticipate that it probably won't rain while we are away so we have timers and things to hopefully keep things wet. Tomorrow we will be working part of the time in the garden and Ian - not me - will be on the roof cleaning out those gutters (just in case) - the downside of lovely trees are the many leaves but worth it.

We have had 3 new Shiva Stiks and new Starburst Sprays - amazingly in lime, orange and grape/purple. Plenty of stock of the Shivas but the Moonglows won't be here until we get back when I do my next order.

These are the 3 new Shivas over a rubbing plate on Tissutex which has been dyed black. Bit yummy

The new Starburst Sprays - I have been putting together the kits for my Magical Moonglow workshop at Ally Pally and I embossed a lot of tags - these are to make a little book - I will show it again when I have finished it tomorrow - these colours are a bit yummy too.
Then to add to the excitement of the day, this new book from Ruth Lee arrived today - so full of exciting ideas which I know I haven't time to try out but since I am taking my Couronne stick with me (I will have plenty to sell as well) I should be able to play on the plane maybe. it's not on the web but it is for sale - $39.95 I think. good inspirational books with new ideas are hard to come by these days.

ps - lots of people have been emailing and asking where we are going this year after Ally Pally - tell you tomorrow.....


Heather said...

I can't believe it is October already - my 'little' boy's birthday tomorrow - he's 53! That makes me feel really old. Love those tags Dale, the colours are gorgeous. The book looks good too but I have my eye on at least two others! Hope you have a good flight over and a great time at Ally Pally,

Maggi said...

This year I am going, ticket already booked for the Saturday so see you there. Have a safe journey.

Robin Mac said...

I hope you get an upgrade on your tickets and can stretch out an sleep properly on the plane - you are going to need it after all the jobs you say you will be doing before you leave! Have a great trip and an even better holiday. Cheers, Robin

Judy said...


Time has flown, I know you and Ian will have a great time safe journey.


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