Sunday, October 24, 2010

a lazy Sunday

Well lazy in that we weren't out walking the streets of Madrid. We had a wee sleep in except that someone rang very early with an order and a couple wanted to come and buy stuff. But the suitcases are all empty and away, the house is still clean and we have inspected the garden but not cleaned up yet. Sadly we have lost nearly all the kangaroo paws but the garden design for the back area outside my studio window is in the mail which will be exciting and when the landscape guy comes to plant it all he will bring new paws and we will close our eyes and pay him money and then we will water water water for absolutely ages.... Then we went up the road for breakfast and lunch - Ian had breakfast and I had lunch.

Above is the scarf I knitted on the plane coming home. It is sari ribbon in one of the colours we should have soon. I have ordered in a whole load of shaded colours.This is one skein knitted up on 15mm needles.

I didn't read a lot of books while we were away - a couple of Stuart McBride - most enjoyable and lastly I read Sebastian Faulks - A Week in December. I found it fantastic. We have enjoyed all of his books.

About half the orders are ready for Ian to action but I have spent a lot of time pottering around our new facebook site for The Thread Studio. Baby steps but I can see it has potential. Lovely to see so many people already there and it's not even a day old.


Heather said...

Your sari silk scarf is a gorgeous colour. Sorry you lost all your kangaroo paws - hope the next lot survive.

Robin Mac said...

Did you use paint brushes as needles or have the airlines relented now to let you take proper needles on board? The scarf looks great. I shall have to look in the library for Sebastian Faulks - he is new to me. Cheers, Robin

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Love that scarf just the colour I love. While I have more book than I can ever read you have tempted me with Sebastian Faulks, must get it.


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