Monday, October 25, 2010

always find a moment or two to play

It's important for the soul to play - Julia Caprara said once that if she didn't play (I think she said create actually) then she felt unwell - I agree with her. Even though we are flat out not that we mind - we would be unhappy if we were sitting around doing nothing - I like to pop off and do something creative and today I am playing with kunin felt, puff paint, paint and embossing powders. There is a reason for this but all will be revealed before too long. I stencilled black puff paint through a stencil and sprinkled some embossing powder over the top in places and heated it gently with my heat gun. Then I painted it with silver metallic paint and heated it again - the kunin starts to break up which is great. I am using Opulent paints made in Australia - yes Kraftkolour after the fires has got the Opulent range up and running again and my order is on its way to me right now. I love these paints but I have been pretty quiet about them because we have only had a few in stock. I love the fact that they are made in Australia as well as the glass jars they come in and of course the wonderful colours and richness of pigment. I have tried a couple of other brands recently when I was away and the comparison was nilch. Next I will stitch on the kunin felt first but time was not totally on my side.

CPS gifts arrived today first thing so they have almost all been sent out (I think there are 2 left) - International Quilt Scene arrived this afternoon so they will go tomorrow. All the other orders are working down. Loads of Versa Tools going to their new homes in big red bags. Gilding the Lily starts tomorrow and Ratty Tatty Papers on Wednesday - I wrote about it on facebook but I lost that post - looks like I have more to learn. Facebook is quite involved really but I am learning. Anyway I think this is the last time I will run these two workshops - I am working on the next stage embellisher one and also The Holey Moley Club for 2011.


Heather said...

This sample is gorgeous Dale. What would we do without people like you to try things out and then tell us all about it. I wouldn't have thought of combining puff paint with embossing powder. Some people have no imagination!

Penny said...

Looking forward to the next embellisher class, I presume Holey Moley 2011 is a new one? Need to stop feeling sorry for myself and get motivated.

Judy said...


Like your little piece of Kunin Felt and thanks for telling us how you did it. Also agree with you and Julia Caprara thoroughly, if I don't create or even don't have creative thoughts and reading matter regularly I too feel unwell and not quite myself.

Tried to send you a message on your Facebook site but must have got it wrong somwhere, it ended on my Facebook page instead.

My CPS gifts arrived in this mornings post, that was quick from Perth, seems Aust.Post might have upped their game.


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