Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Creative Play today? - not much at all

I did get to play with kunin felt a little more but will show you tomorrow - in the meantime we are being inundated with parcels and shipments including this lovely new book by Janet Edmonds - I have been waiting for it to arrive and I know quite a few other people have been too. I am going to sit and read it when I have finished my salad preparation for the bbq and while Ian cooks the bbq - very warm day here in Perth today - I fear we are in for a long hot dry summer and it isn't even summer.

Then we got a huge shipment of these texture stamps - there are 2 in each pack and 18 different sets. I want to use them with puff on kunin but I only got as far as selecting 1 for me. I chose a words one because I have a wee plan for a tiny section in one of the Holey Moley workshops next year.

Today I got the Quilt Scenes all packaged to send - Ian is about to load it on the website - one of Jenny Bowker's quilts is inside (I mean the picture of ) which is a bonus. I think there are a fewcopies left if anyone wants one,. The dollar means we have been able to make them $18.50 including postage instead of $22 which we had advertised on the web. As soon as I had cleared the decks of those, the latest CPS turned up. Harry from UPS just laughed when he saw my face and said it was punishment for going on holiday when he had to work....  We will get them out tomorrow - not that we have anything like caught up yet but I know you are all lovely and patient and we are going as fast as we can. Ian can almost see the floor by his computer but he doesn't realise i have quite a few more orders to deposit there tomorrow.

Gilding the Lily on-line workshop started today and Ratty Tatty Papers tomorrow. I will be back with more kunin felt fun. The boxes of stuff from London arrive tomorrow. More excitement.

WOW - Bruce just sent me this - go check it out


Heather said...

Janet Edmunds book looks good. I have a rubber stamp similar to your texture pad - I wonder if it is strong enough for mixed media. The knitted skeleton isn't pretty but so very clever.

Robin Mac said...

Those stamps look really ineteresting. I love your kunin felt piece from your last blog too. I agree with Heather, that skeleton is not pretty, but absolutely amazing. Imagine the time workingit all out!

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Saw Quilt Scence this morning on Quilting Arts email thought must have that, must ask Dale is she getting them; visited yor blog there they were. Loved the knitted skeleton, never seen anything quite so unusual in an art installation, but then maybe be I haven't seen a lot.

andreac said...

Hello Dale
Your Kunin piece is making my fingers itch to get back into creating!
I am counting down till a forthcoming exam and then - I can escape to my den and use my hands again. can't wait.
The skeleton is quite accurate - very impressive effort, although not my cup of tea.
Andrea C


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