Friday, October 22, 2010

a day in London to finish off with

Today wasn't anything really exciting - we had to go visit a supplier of ours and have a ride in his new sportscar and a cup of coffee and a chat and come away with boxes of goodies - we aways enjoy visiting him and he collects us from the station and takes us back. Today though was more of an adventure because the underground had parts closed so we visited new stations and drove on different lines.

Then we went to Annette and Terry's to collect our big suitcase and just around the corner from Chancery lane we decided to visit this pub dated 1602 or similar, for lunch.

A very Pommie lunch I think - chicken and ham pie with potato mash and a half a pint of beer. Very nice indeed. I forgot to photograph any of the yummy food in Madrid. It amazes me that people want to stand outside in the freezing cold drinking beer.

Tonight we are off to Riccardos in Fulham Road - they make the best troffie.
We are staying in a nice hotel and have an upgrade room which is nice and big - but in the basement - not sure I want to be a miner - no windows......


Margaret said...

That's looks delicious. Is troffie a kind of pasta?

I like the Madrid cuisine but prefer the food in Andalucia where we used to live.

Heather said...

Hope you enjoyed your Pommie lunch and those men standing outside drinking beer probably wanted to smoke too, and aren't allowed to do so inside. I don't know what troffie is either, but it sounds interesting.

Robin Mac said...

You will definitely have to explain what troffie is - sounds interesting anyway. I hope you have survived your trip home, you must be there by now, I know you said you would be hard at work today (Saturday) but Ican't imagine how yu could get your head around that so soon. Cheers, Robin


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