Monday, October 04, 2010


I have found my shoe - even though I had rolled the bed out and about a few times it was hidden underneath - i have had so many emails and I know you will all be relieved for me - ha ha! I was going to have to take my green shoes with me. I have a pair exactly the same and I could have  taken 1 red and 1 green. That would have casued interest. Yes, Hortense, I do have green shoes as well. However, now that that dilemma is over, the biggest decision is which shoes can I take? Don't tell me the most comfortable ones either. And how many pairs can I take? Serious questions for me to ponder while I do the last few orders for tomorrow morning. Ian is on the roof as we 'speak' cleaning the gutters. We have been working like trojans today - but we have got all the orders out bar 3 and two big bumps of wool to Jacinta. first thing tomorrow morning. Haven't even got the suitcases up yet.

In the middle of all my activities and whilst gathering my collection of 'stuff' to take on holiday with me, I knocked up this little object. What is it you may well ask - well you will have to wait until November to find out. I just need to add some beads tonight.

Bruce has won his first bike race in Sapporo - well done Bruce! If you want to go visit his blog - see left - he has a number of little videos and you can even see Kazuko crossing the line in her race.

One more sleep to go - oh no - the sheets are on the line - better go get them in before it gets dark. Remember there will be no daylight saving in this dark ages state.....


Robin Mac said...

So glad you found your shoe. I should send you a photo of a woman who did the course at Wrapt in Rocky with Jacinta a couple of years ago - she did wear different coloured shoes on each foot - and she was flying off to Brisbane later that day in that gear too!!! Have a great trip and a very exciting time in Spain - I know you won't resist the temptation to buy another pair of shoes. cheers, Robin

Doreen G said...

Ebony went to school on the first day this year wearing a black converse shoe and a pink one.
I told her if anyone asked about them she should tell them that she had another pair at home just like them.
Have a great time while you are away and come back safely.


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