Saturday, October 02, 2010

And where are we going?

Well if you subscribe to our newsletter you will already know - we are off to Madrid after Ally Pally - going to Paris for the day on the train and then taking the overnight train from Paris to Madrid and staying for a week. One of the things I have said we are going to do is to see some Flamenco dancing. Apart from a little drive in and out of San Sebastian, we haven't been to Spain before - it will be pretty exciting stuff. We have booked an apartment near the centre and of course, being foodies, will be looking for tapas etc.

I have got all the workshop materials and kits together so I can tick that box. I made my tags into a little book  - love these new colours and I think I might take them to Madrid with me. I think my Okarito phase will be sideshovelled for a while so I have gathered all the parts and put them in a big box for when we get back - I have one more page to create for my little book but it will keep.
Then, because I was working with grungepaper, I made a little book cover and a flower for the cover. Grungepaper is very flexible and easy to colour and stitch. I hope my workshop participants enjoy the workshop and don't get too messy.

On to the next job awaiting me.


Heather said...

I thought that was you for a moment Dale - your red shoes would go well with that dress! Love the tag book and the book cover. I must experiment with grungepaper for the cover of my book. Good job I'm not on your workshop - I get in a dreadful mess.

Robin Mac said...

All those new colours ar yummy.
As well as food, no doubt you will be looking for a new pair of red shoes? Cheers, Robin

carole brungar said...

LOL Dale I feel you are becomming an 'International woman of mystery' LOL
Have a fabulous trip :))

Stitchety Grub said...

Have a fantastic trip Dale - looking forward to reading all about it!
Cheers Britt :-)

Unknown said...

see you at Ally Paly. Are you going to have your flower stitcher book to sell there?


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