Monday, April 20, 2009

transfer artists paper etc

My shipment of Transfer Artist Paper arrived on Friday and I have been testing it on various surfaces. I have printed out my Stonehaven rocks - my printer is playing up and I need to reinstall it I think because I can't fiddle with it like I usually can. I have tried lots of other transfer papers in the past and have not usually been very pleased - often a plastiky sort of effect but this one from Lesley Riley is fantastic. When you rub your hand over the surface of what you have transferred your pic to it just feels the same. These three samples - the first 2 are on Lutradur - medium and fine - the fine of course is very transparent and I love the see-through effect. it is hard to show with scans so you really have to try it yourself I reckon. Lesley is the mistress of transfer stuff so I have been hanging out to try it. And I should add how easy it is to use - good for someone like me in a hurry - turn the iron on high, lay your fabric or whatever down on the surface, lay the printed image face down, cover with baking parchment and iron it. Peel off the back, and as my father would say, Bob's your uncle.

This is the medium weight Lutradur actually sprayed afterwards with Starburst Sprays

These 2 are the fine ones - the first is onto Lutradur sprayed with Starburst Sprays and scanned - the bottom one I had burnt the edges and Ian scanned it onto a black background. It is the same piece but this is so you an see it. I love the fineness of the thin Lutradur and you can of course layer it up and cut into one on top of the other etc.

The third one is onto mulberry bark and you can see the texture of the bark - the open weave. I haven't coloured it but I am thinking about what I will do next. I wanted to try words but not with the naughty printer just yet.

We had a lovely afternoon yesterday - catching up with friends - I love cooking Indian food - I know most people think we just eat out but it is my favourite food from way back when we were uni students. Not the curries our mothers produced - oh no - no Keen's curry powder with cold lamb and raisins and thickened with cornflower. These 2 legs were rubbed with lots of garlic, ginger and spices and then coated with yoghurt, nuts and honey drizzled on and were great. And for about the first time in my culinary life I didn't cook so much food that we had to eat it for a week. Just enough left over for a lovely lunch today (and a little more tomorrow).

Thanks to everyone who took part in my draw -I am sure you will agree that Sandy is a great recipient - she has been a customer of ours for a long time and has participated in my workshops. She is not well at present and I just hope my offerings cheer you up, Sandy. My thoughts are with you....

You might have seen that I have set up a new blog - Holey Moley Club - nothing much happening yet but excitements to come so do bookmark it!


Doreen G said...

That Transfer artists paper sounds good--as long as I don't have to wet the back and rub it off I will be fine--I can't get the other things to work.

Sandy said...

Those transfer really look good. I was lucky enough to have a class with Leslie at Art and Soul-a lovely, talented lady. Thanks for your thoughts-they help.

Heather said...

Your trial pieces with the transfer papers are great - I especially like the thin Lutrador one. Your genuine curry sounds so delicious.

Julie said...

I like the fine lutradur effect too. I don't think I would have thought of using the transfers on mulberry bark. That sounds exciting.

indigocarole said...

Dale, even your mother's curry is an improvement on the Vesta ready meals we used to take camping. Mind you anything tastes good outdoors.
The transfer paper sounds good too, though the T-shirt ones have improved since they first came out.


Brenda said...

I'm very excited to see that you have TAP now - I assume that means you will be stocking it??

Judy said...


Nice to see the comparisons of the transfer product; your lamb sounds delicious I might give it a try.

spunart said...

Cann't wait, great idea.

working with lutradur


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