Wednesday, April 08, 2009

all work and no play

makes Jack a dull boy so as it is nearly 6pm we have stopped for the day - almost - steadily working my way through the orders and I reckon I will have a clear slate by the end of tomorrow. Last night we had a lovely bbq and were planning another tonight but we missed the butcher so we are having lasagne instead and a sit outside as it is a lovely evening. Very good time of the year although it has been 32 today. our surrounds are becoming quiet so hopefully that means everyone is heading off down south for Easter and we will have the area all to ourselves.

Here is the main swimming pool at the villas we went to looking up to the dining room. Great place for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even better for swimming in.

This is a lovely waterlily just outside our villa - I am off on Saturday to visit the water lily shop - I have figured where I can put another one. My waterlily here flowered while we were away. That's 4 flowers now since we moved it from the atrium to outside. It must be very happy.


Clare W said...

That looks so beautiful to a chilly person in England

Heather said...

Very inviting - we are still getting quite chilly winds in UK. I love your water lily and have never had any luck with them in our garden pond. Have a lovely peaceful weekend - Happy Easter.

Doreen G said...

Glad you had a great time in Bali Dale--Stephen and I have been there quite a few times and we absolutely love the place.
We stayed up in Ubud one year- such a peaceful serene place.


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