Saturday, April 18, 2009

good rugby results

excellent rugby results tonight - Hurricanes won and Force won

Bruce did the 60th birthday pressie draw at half time but you will all have to wait until tomorrow to find out whose name was pulled out of the bowl.

Tomorrow I shall also show some of the fabulous transfers I have done onto Lutradur - very pleased with the results.


maggi said...

You really must stop putting photos of all these lovely muscular men on your blog causes drooling over the keyboard. Look forward to seeing the Lutrador results

Heather said...

I can tell Maggi is much younger than I am - I thought about the Lutrador first! Glad your rugby results were good - at least there is one happy household on the planet - ours were diabolical.

Doreen G said...

You really are a tease Dale

Penny said...

Glad the new 40 is still feeling good. Back from a wonderful 6 days at Ballarat Forum very tired and aching in every joint but great to catch up with people.
Made a great bag with Isobel Hall.
Sad I couldnt enter your draw but wouldnt have scored anything any way!!


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