Thursday, April 16, 2009

thanks Debbi

I got a wonderful birthday card today from Debbi and a fabulous collection of napkins - you have divine taste Debbi - thank you so much.

Life just tonks along here - I am thinking more about Holey Moley and the whole concept so watch this space.

We had our first Tagine last night - a little refinement needed but more reports to come. It was very nice though - shoulder lamb and green olives with saffron potatoes. Watch this space.


Heather said...

Lovely birthday card. I bought 4 packs of paper serviettes today and hope to do some swapping with a fellow blogger who has done Ratty Tatty. Will you be doing recipes as well as tutorials?!!

Doreen G said...

Nice card Dale.
I also have had the good fortune to have received a pile of Debbi's serviettes--I don't know where she gets them but she sure has a huge variety.

Gill G said...

I have just started Ratty Tattys too and love working the serviettes and just when I thought I had a collection, nothing like it!!! Must do some shopping around. Have had a pretty emotional week with the laying to rest of our Retriever after 16 years of loyal companionship - it was all so sudden and am at a loss when going into the garden not seeing her body greeting me all the time.Ratty tatty will take my mind off it I hope. Sorry for unleashing but I just need to tell someone. Rugby time now!


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