Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Back again

We had a wonderful relaxing weekend in Bali up in the hills just near Ubud. Same place we went to last year and we read, swam, ate, had reflexology and nothing much else. There was hardly anyone else there so we had lots of attention but it is also very quiet and our villa was the same as last year looking out into the rice fields.

Now we are back we have been very busy today - all the mags have gone out and many of the other orders so a long day and we will be all up to date we reckon - by Thursday. Lots to do tomorrow though. I did mange to do some stitching as well but not as much as I had planned because I discovered I had left some thread I wanted to use, at home.

Now - for all of my newsletter readers who have been visiting daily - the big day is not yet - keep visiting though!


Helen Cowans said...

Glad you had a good time.... sounds wonderfully relaxing. Like the video.

maggi said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for the slideshow, it looks such a beautiful place. The doorway slide would make a good Ratty Tatty Paper and the lines in the fields behind the picture of you would make a great textured piece. All inspirational really.

Heather said...

What beautiful images - I could feel myself relaxing just looking at them. I liked the empty wine glass by the pool! Hope your batteries were nicely recharged.

Penny said...

Well I dont think I can be watching as I know which day your Birthday is and I will be at Ballarat and unable to look. Boo hoo. But I will be thinking of you.
Bali looks lovely and peaceful, just what I need at the moment after a few days of energetic grandchildren, trying to keep them in line is like herding cats.

Julie said...

It looks idyllic Dale and complete with wineglass too! Excellent! Glad you had a good time.


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