Friday, April 24, 2009

roll along to Friday

I have not really been quiet this week but rather busy counting threads and packaging and packing for Brisbane. Counting threads is boring but has to be done. Then after Brisbane it will have to be done again - this is one of the dramas of doing shows - here at home everything is basically under control. The pic above are some of our new Cotton Collection packs - hand dyed cotton scrim and a cotton machine and perle thread. I am very pleased with them - just need to make my labels.

Below is the pile of Valdani perles waiting for me to sort and count them. Yesterday I finished all the machine thread but these little babies are waiting in a huge pile.

Today I popped in to see the Year 12 Perspectives at the Art Gallery - always worth a look - there is some great work going on in schools. This one is a topic dear to my heart - Moroccan Tea Pot - by Brent Renner-Hahn from Applecross Senior High School - very nice work.

It's Anzac day tomorrow - a big day down in this neck of the woods and there are 2 ANZAC rugby games for us to watch. Not at all sure why we are having a holiday on Monday though.


Heather said...

Those threads look irresistable - if I didn't live so far away I'd volunteer to give you a hand just to be able to see them in the flesh. The year 12 work sounds and looks impressive. Happy Anzac Day.

Aussie Jo said...

hmm the colours do look sensational, very tempting.
Jeff (Kennett) got rid of the extra days off for those public holidays that fall on a weekend for us over here in Victoria so we all have to go to work Monday.

Fulvia Luciano, artist said...

Those thread packs look incredible! Dale, is that last photo a painting? It is spectacular.

Sandy said...

I have a passion for threads and these look yummy.

Judy said...


The cotton pack look yummy and the Valdani Perls look even yummier all in a coloured heap.


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