Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brilliant Rugby on a lovely ANZAC day

Well - great Anzac result - the QLD Reds beat Auckland very convincingly and then, even though we missed the first 30 minutes because of the power problem in Auckland, the Hurricanes had a brilliant win over ACT Brumbies and are now on the top of the ladder - MY TEAM through thick and thin. So here are some more muscley blokes for you.

The big pile of threads from yesterday have been counted, back in their homes and all reordered. Now I really can move onto something else. When you have a job you don't really want to do it holds everything else up.

And I am thinking of the Haiku Blog Day for 11th May!


Doreen G said...

OK so you knew somebody would ask--"what is the Haiku Blog Day?

Heather said...

Wish that our rugby team had such good results - my husband is crying into his beer!! Looking forward to finding out what the Haiku Blog Day is all about.

Penny said...

Also waiting to find out about Haiku Blog Day! I love Haiku.

HDD said...

Haiku Blog Day? Well all I know is that the 11th May is my daughter's birthday!!



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