Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thursday Stuff

wow - it never rains but it pours. This afternoon we are off to Bali to the place we went to last year for a r and r long weekend. But as punishment , the QA and Studio mags turned up late last night just as I was writing the newsletter and this morning we have been working like little troopers to get as many as possible out. I usually allow 2 days these days as there are lots. And of course we have been inundated with orders this morning as well. The newsletter special is a really big hit so far this month. We might run out of stuff.... Anyway if you don't get your mag or order until after we get back on Monday arvo I must apologise. I decided that really I am only human after all and we do need the break - reading, swimming, stitching (well me not he)

Here is the front cover of my little Stonehaven book - needs more stitch but it is in my suitcase. I am also taking a special piece to work on for Holey Moley.

Here is Harry Daniels - wow Grant - a Godson - big responsibility being The Godfather

I won my bet with Ian and he bought me a lovely bottle of Otago PInot Noir whic I shared with him at Koinoina last night.

I will be back on Tuesday with my holiday snaps.


maggi said...

Have a rally good break. You deserve it.

Heather said...

Your Stonehaven book cover looks good already and your little godson is so sweet - I can almost smell that special warm smell that babies have (no! not that one!!). Have a lovely weekend - looking forward to seeing your holiday photos.

Julie said...

What a gorgeous little boy!

Have a lovely weekend.


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