Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bruce out cycling

Bruce and Kazuko are mad keen on their cycling - Ian and I prefer to walk....
These pics are Bruce out cycling on Friday

but here he is again - yesterday.

Last night Ian and I found the most fabulous Italian restaurant in Fremantle - Sandrino - I think the pasta was the best I had ever had - so fresh. We shall go back again.

I am continuing to be very spoilt - Di came to visit today - with flowers. Thanks so much. And I got presents in the mail. I am beginning to like this new 40. Plus the Playways people have given me a new permissable word - behindness - apparently I am allowed to be!


Heather said...

Make your birthday last all week! I hope Bruce isn't training for the 2012 Olympics - he looks a bit good on that bike and we don't want someone pinching our Gold Medals!! Happy pasta eating. The word 'behindness' would have a different meaning for me, especially if I ate a lot of pasta!

Leanne said...

It's unnatural. Biked from Takapuna to Devonport on the cycle track, had coffee and rode back again. My bum is sore and my neck muscles are screaming. Whatever happened to riding nice Raleigh 20's, nicely upright with the fluorescent orange flag wobbling behind you? Things you do to promote family togetherness. I shall volunteer to drive the car to pick them up next time and preorder coffees and wait with a good pooper.


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