Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Bedlam and a surprise

Talk about bedlam today. This morning the boxes for London had to be delivered by noon as they were booked on the plane. I think Ian thought I wouldn't have them filled in time. I was beginning to think so myself. But off he went with the car all laden down and they should arrive in London tomorrow - plenty of time to sort things out if things go wrong. He had just left when a few different delivery blokes turned up - the man with many many large boxes of kunin felt arrived first - and now we have lots and lots of colours in squares and white and black on bolts. Difficult to get out the front door but the parcel postie arrived next with a big box full of new Radiant Rain misters - yummy. Tomorrow I plan a little play with them. And somewhere in there was a parcel from Doreen with my special piece I traded with her for something else.

Isn't it wonderful? I love the colours and the design and the stitchery. I am planning to have it framed and hang in my studio.

Then while I was sorting through the kunin felt on the front porch (imagine loads of felt flying everywhere) another man appeared with a big shipment of Valdanis. Christmas comes everyday here!

Tonight I have spent ironing - no not clothes but silk loom ends - and I have been making up new experimental packs so having fun.

Hoping to get into the studio tomorrow to put all my stuff from forum away and have a little play.

1 comment:

artisbliss said...

Sounds like you have your hands full, but what fun!

That's a gorgeous piece from Doreen.


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